W. Raymond Cummins

W. Raymond Cummins is a descendant of Daniel Cummins and related to the founders of Cumminsville. He is also related to the founder of The Cedar Springs Community, William Delos Flatt, whose mother was Rachel Cummins. Raymond grew up in Millgrove, Ontario and was educated in Millgrove Public School, Dundas District High School, Parkside High School, McMaster University, Michigan State University, and Stanford University. He was appointed Professor of Biology at The University of Toronto. After stints as Director of the University’s Forensic Science Program and Chairman of the University’s Academic Board he is now Emeritus Professor and devoting most of his time to local history and biography. He has been interested in the history of Cumminsville since 1973. He lives close to the Credit River in Streetsville in northern Mississauga Ontario and can be reached at raymond.cummins@utoronto.ca

Articles contributed by W. Raymond Cummins: