George Hardbottle

George Hardbottle/Harbottle born 21 Aug 1806 in Durham County England. He was a farmer. On 12 Apr 1860 he and his wife Rhoda sold the land for the Zion Chapel. In the 1861 census he held 235 acres in Nelson Township and was described as a New Connexion Methodist. It appears that he was an ardent supporter of the New Connexion Methodist denomination. He was a local lay preacher before and after he sold the property for the church. One suggestion that he had built the chapel before the property was transferred to the Trustees has not been confirmed. After Rhoda died in 1874, he married the widow, Charlotte Peer nee Thomas. A witness to this wedding was another trustee Robert Simpson and his wife Mary Ann Flanagan. George and Charlotte moved to East Flamborough where they lived beside Thomas Galloway Jr a son of another trustee, Thomas Galloway Sr. George Hardbottle died 1 Jan 1892 in East Flamborough and he was buried beside Charlotte, his second wife, in Lowville Church Cemetery.

Contributing Author: W. Raymond Cummins