Our vision is to research and preserve the rich history of Kilbride and its surrounding area, identifying the known events and remembered stories, before the landmarks and early family connections are lost.


The purpose of this website is to collect, organize and share the history of the Kilbride area with current and former residents as well as anyone else interested in the fascinating and rich history of this small corner of Southern Ontario.

Why preserve the history of Kilbride?

We are the sum of our past and present, our yesterdays and todays. Our past shapes our future. The history of Kilbride and its surrounding area speaks to the birth and development of our country and its people. It is important to preserve this history in order to understand how Canada grew to be the country it is today. From the original First Nations inhabitants living in this vast forested land to the arrival of the first explorers, pioneers and then immigrants, we have much to be proud of but also know that we have much to learn from our nation’s past mistakes.

In order to achieve our goal, we recognize that the information on this website will be dynamic and changing as people share their past history with us and as more information is obtained from ongoing research.

Your contribution

You are invited and encouraged to contribute your family’s history in Kilbride, your stories, documents, photos, etc. of the area. Your contributions will add to the richness of this website and will help it to grow and develop. It will also help to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible.

If you live(d) in Kilbride and its surrounding area or have a family history here, please contact us and share your stories and pictures.