Rhoda Dildene Hardbottle

Rhoda Dildene Hardbottle/Harbottle née Crooker born 22 Jul 1809 in New Jersey, a daughter of James Edway Crooker and Eleanor Ammerman. She married George Hardbottle about 1834 and they had at least 7 children together. Rhoda was a sister of Rachael Crooker who was the second wife of John Angle Cummins who started Cumminsville when he bought property there in 1834. Rhoda and George Hardbottle were the grandparents of Rhoda Margaret Richardson who married William Delos Flatt who started the Cedar Springs Community. Rhoda Hardbottle died 23 Dec 1874 aged 65 years and was buried in the Methodist cemetery on the property that she had transferred to the church in 1860. That Cemetery is now known as Kilbride United Church Cemetery.

The seven known children of George and Rhoda Hardbottle were:

  1. Mary Ann Harbottle (1835-1885) married George Allison (1841-1926)
  2. Rachel Harbottle (1837-1925) married Henry Richardson (1826-1876)
  3. Elizabeth Jane Harbottle (1838-1880) married Edward Thomas Mitchell (1838-1889)
  4. William Harbottle (1841-1920) married Sarah Elizabeth Dixon (1859-1918)
  5. John Crooker Harbottle (1843-1915) married Sarah Colling (1845-1921)
  6. Ellen Priscilla Harbottle (1845-1887) married John Peer (1850-1923)
  7. George Jefferson Hardbottle (1847-1933) married Ann Watson (1851-1906).

Contributing Author: W. Raymond Cummins