Our vision is to research and preserve the rich history of Kilbride and its surrounding area, identifying the known events and remembered stories, before the landmarks and early family connections are lost.


The purpose of this website is to collect, organize and share the history of the Kilbride area with current and former residents as well as anyone else interested in the fascinating and rich history of this small corner of Southern Ontario.

Latest News

  • Tour of North Burlington Cemeteries

    The Kilbride History Group is pleased to be invited to participate in the 2023 Heritage Week activities for the City of Burlington by providing a tour of the historic cemeteries of North Burlington. Join us on Saturday, August 12, 2023,… Read More Tour of North Burlington Cemeteries

Who We Are

The Kilbride History Group was formed in the spring of 2019 from a gathering of current and former village residents interested in the history of Kilbride. Members of the Group meet monthly at Kilbride United Church to organize activities focused on the documentation of Kilbride’s rich local history.


This website is made possible by the hard work of our dedicated volunteer authors and researchers. Visit the contributors page to find out more about each volunteer and view a list of their articles.

Your Contribution

You are invited and encouraged to contribute your family’s history in Kilbride, your stories, documents, photos, etc. of the area. Your contributions will add to the richness of this website and will help it to grow and develop. If you live(d) in Kilbride and its surrounding area or have a family history here, please contact us and share your stories and pictures.

Contact Us

Contact the Kilbride History Group at kilbridehistory@gmail.com.

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Photos are available for purchase by contacting Eric Drumm at www.drummscapes.ca.