Cumminsville, A Beginning

Cumminsville can be roughly described as the area between Kilbride and the Bronte Creek on both sides of what is now known as Cedar Springs Road. However, Cumminsville predated both Kilbride and Cedar Springs.

It is safe to say that Cumminsville was started by John Angle Cummins (1791-1861) on May 7, 1834 when he bought 50 acres of land in Concession 2 Lot 8 in the New Survey of Nelson Township from Colin Campbell Ferrie. Cumminsville was developed by John Angle Cummins’ son Titus Geer Cummins who on October 31, 1842 bought an additional 50 acres on Lot 9 beside his father’s holdings in the adjacent lot. Titus purchased his land from his father-in-law, George Will.

What made the land attractive to them was the waterpower offered by Coxe’s Creek which flowed north to south and after a step-like series of cascades fed into Bronte Creek. These cascades would allow Cumminsville to become a water-powered pioneer centre of industry.

It was several years after the community of Cumminsville had developed that Titus Geer Cummins had an official plan of survey drawn up for Cumminsville and had these plans registered on title and the property described in an abstract title book distinct from the other properties in the Township of Nelson.

Contributing Author: W. Raymond Cummins