Titus Geer Cummins

Titus Geer Cummins (August 25, 1812-November 16, 1893) was born in West Flamborough Township, a son of John Angle Cummins and Lucinda Simons. He was named after his uncle, Titus Geer Simons, who was a hero at The Battle of Lundy’s lane in the war of 1812 and who became the sheriff of the Gore District and the Colonel of the Gore Militia. Titus Cummins was married to Margaret Will (June 20, 1814- July 17, 1850) who was a daughter of George Will and Hannah Horning. Their marriage was about the same time that Titus’ father bought 50 acres in what would become Cumminsville. In 1842, Titus bought 50 more acres from his father-in-law George Will. He subsequently sold off small parts of these properties and on November 13, 1844 he leased a mill site to Thomas Galloway. After considerable development of the area he had an official plan of survey for Cumminsville prepared and had it filed in title. Over the years in county directories, Titus was described as Postmaster, Justice of the Peace and tannery owner in Cumminsville.

On the death of his first wife Margaret on 17 July 17, 1850, his life changed dramatically. Margaret had died during delivery of their third child, Margaret Ann Cummins, who lived for only 3 weeks. From then he spent more of his time on his property in Burlington in the north part of Brant’s Block where Freeman railway station would be built. He married Margaret’s sister Ann Will (1826-January 15, 1900). She of course was also a daughter of George Will and Hannah Horning. He established a very successful grain trading business with his son-in-law, Alexander Duffes who lived in Cumminsville. They relied on the excellent rail connection adjacent to their storehouse. About this time, Titus’ son John Will Cummins (1835-1911), who had been born in Cumminsville, seems to have taken over operations in Cumminsville. In the 1861 census, John Will Cummins was described as a shingle manufacturer in Cumminsville.

Titus Cummins’ store in Burlington was bought by the Freeman family when Titus died in November 16, 1893. Titus and his two wives, Margaret and Ann, and his infant child, Margaret Ann, were buried in the Loyalist Burial Ground on Job’s lane in Burlington.

Titus and Margaret had three children:

  1. John Will Cummins (November 1, 1835-July 13, 1911) married Mary Elizabeth Rymal (December 14, 1838-October 13, 1911)
  2. Hannah Lucinda Cummins (September 24, 1842-July 6, 1891) who married Alex Duffes (March 26, 1837-October 17, 1927)
  3. Margaret Ann Cummins (July 17, 1850-August 7, 1850)

Contributing Author: W. Raymond Cummins