Stories and Fun in the Creek Throughout the Years

Woolen Mill Location, North of Kilbride Street

Many stories of fun have been recounted. After the demise of the woolen mill north of the current Kilbride Street, stories have been told, not only of playing in the creek, fishing there but it was also dammed up to enhance the remaining mill pond for a swimming hole and skating in the winter. Another story shared is of youngsters attempting to float down the creek in winter on large chunks of ice. As the creek is not very deep, the ice was never quite thick enough to provide a good ride. It did provide a very good time.

The Falls

South of #8 Side Road one can find a lovely falls whose volume rises and falls with the seasons and weather conditions. Two young boys who lived across the street on Cedar Springs Road, Jesse and Morgan Smith, often played there and were known to ‘treasure hunt’. Morgan produced a treasure map and the two boys, now grown men, found many interesting items that had been discarded or lost over time. As you will see on that treasure map, there were remnants of a foundation at the falls location.

Contributing Author: Helen Callaway