Dr. Beattie’s Drug Store

The following information can be found at images.halinet.on.ca:

The building was moved from Kilbride in 1972 by two teachers at Pauline Johnson Collegiate Institute in Brantford who spent their summers finding unwanted historical structures and rescuing them for reconstruction in what became Westfield Pioneer Village, near Rockton, Ontario. Goldie MacDonnell, left, and Glen Kilmer, right, are considering the move in this snapshot.

The image (right) and the note below are from the Westfield Heritage Village website:

D. Glenn Kilmer and Golden (Goldie) L. MacDonell, two Brantford high school teachers, purchased 30 acres in October, 1960 at the site which later became Westfield heritage Village. They envisioned a unique project which would develop a pioneer village as a non-profit educational institution to preserve and present the 19th century rural life in Upper Canada. Their vision became a reality when Westfield was officially opened to the public on June 15, 1964.

Westfield Heritage Village is now owned by the City of Hamilton and managed by the Hamilton Conservation Authority.

A photograph of the restored building in Westfield is published in Burlington: Memories of Pioneer Days (1989), page 103.

Contributing Author: Helen Callaway