Stinchcombes of Kilbride

While there are still a few Kilbride community members that remember 6589 Frederick Street as the Vivian/Carson home, the house has now become known as the Stinchcombe house. Originally it is believed to have been built for a dentist, however to date, no supporting historical documentation has been found. The Vivian family owned the home for many years, and it was eventually purchased by the youngest child, Alma (Vivian) Carson. Please see for the full article about the Vivians.

It was in 1981 that Karen and Jim Stinchcombe purchased the property. As you can see from the photos, the house has undergone a complete transformation and has retained a great deal of charm.

The house is situated at a prime location near the heart of the village and perched just above the creek. No doubt, the sound of running water adds to the ambiance. Students, dog walkers and others all pass by the house on their way to the school or for a stroll.

Karen has an abundance of creativity and design ability, and it is obvious that she enjoys all holidays and the opportunity to ‘decorate’ the house. The word decorate is used in its loosest term as she has been magically transforming the house several times each year. Magically describes the decorations seemingly just popping up.

Halloween is perhaps her greatest creation and the decorations have continued to evolve over the years. One of the favourites was the giant spider sitting on the roof in his web. Unfortunately, time has taken its toll and the spider has not been seen for the last few years. New décor, sound and even ‘smoke’ have all added to the experience. People come from far and wide to see the Halloween transformations, coming by car, van load and even bus.

Karen uses this opportunity to accept donations that she gives to various local charities. She generously encourages people to come on to the property to get a thorough look at her work. Karen is well known by all the trick or treaters at Halloween for handing out homemade candy apples. In previous years, she has made over 200 and has been known to run out.

When you drive through Kilbride, make sure you stop for a look at or even take a photo of the latest decorations.

Contributing Author: Helen Callaway