Paul Hunt

The ancestry of Paul Hunt is deeply rooted in the soil of Kilbride. His great great grandfather Jeremiah Hunt, at age 21, with his brothers Thomas, 31, and James, 26, bought forest land in 1830 that became their farm and Is now the middle of the modern village. James was killed in a tree felling accident, clearing the land. Jeremiah after five years moved west to Carlisle, to 10th Concession. Paul’s line comes through Jeremiah’s son Ebenezer, his son Edwin, his son Harvey. Edwin and his wife Alice Victoria Eaton of Carlisle moved their family west 35 miles by horse drawn wagon to Mt. Vernon, Brant County in 1920. Edwin joked “I didn’t want my 10 kids marrying their cousins.” Paul was born in 1939 to Harvey Hunt and his wife Rotha Pottruff on the farm next door. Paul attended the one room Mt.Vernon public school, high school in Brantford, and Ryerson journalism school in Toronto. He landed his dream job January 1, 1960 with the Toronto Telegram to cover city hall politics. After six glorious years reporting on historic figures like Nathan Phillips, Allan Lamport, Joe Piccininni, Don Summerville, and Fred Gardiner, he had a misunderstanding with publisher John Bassett that led him moving to the Toronto Star for one year. Leaving journalism, Paul joined the corporate enterprises of his brother Robert Hunt. He transferred in 1979 to Orlando, Florida. With his wife Sandra McColeman, they still reside as Canadian citizens (legally of course) in the southern United States.

Articles contributed by Paul Hunt: